Modern FSI Data Platform for Advanced Analytics

CTI builds Modern Intelligent Data Platforms (IDPs) and advanced analytic frameworks for financial services organizations architected to include innovative data engineering features to ensure data accuracy, security, compliance, scalability, and, most importantly, to enable advanced analytics. This whitepaper discusses the necessary components of our frameworks and data platforms for Financial Services. It details the essential

Enhancing Physician Engagement in Clinical Trials

Recruiting patients to participate in a clinical trial is one of those exciting and nerve-racking phases of drug development. Finding the necessary patients to participate is drug trials is critically important. That’s where clinical trial recruitment comes in, with a mission to acquire enough diverse people with the relevant diseases and demographics to ensure the

AI-Analytics Framework for Healthcare

Healthcare Data Ecosystem

Our AI-Powered Advanced Analytics Framework for the healthcare industry utilizes data from on-premises or cloud applications. It is based on a dependable and thoroughly curated data pipeline for data science, machine learning, and advanced analytics applications. It is powered by a platform that can be utilized to implement intelligent interactive dashboards, which aid healthcare organizations

Governed Data Lake as a Service

data visualization, advanced visualizations,

We introduce a new model for data governance, new capabilities for interacting with the data lake, and a new playbook for IT, business engineers, and business leaders to make it happen. This collective framework – a Governed Data Lake – has emerged from our work over the years leveraging data to improve the business performance

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