What We Do

Together, we define and design a generative AI solution in a rapidly changing technology landscape and deliver it on a scalable, flexible architecture adaptable to your evolving needs. We ensure your AI infrastructure is optimized for performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Our consultants will develop robust data pipelines to ensure your models have access to high-quality, relevant data and implement stringent security protocols to safeguard your sensitive information and ensure compliance with industry best practices.

Planning & Architecture

Our consultants guide the planning and architecture of your initiative. We assess your specific requirements and goals, define a tailored strategy and a scalable architecture for seamless integration.

We assist in selecting suitable tools, developing efficient data pipelines, and implementing robust security protocols, ensuring the solution is efficient, effective, and compliant with industry best practices.

Integration & Workflow Automation

We seamlessly integrate generative AI models into your business processes while maintaining strict data governance and transparency standards. Collaborating closely with your team, we establish clear guidelines for data usage, model outputs, and ethical considerations.

Our solutions prioritize explainable AI, enabling you to understand and interpret AI-generated outputs, ensuring transparency and trust in AI-powered applications.

Prompt Engineering & Optimization

We empower your teams to effectively communicate with input prompts to elicit the desired response from your generative AI models, prioritizing data privacy and transparency.

Our customized prompt libraries adhere to your organization’s data governance policies and ethical guidelines, while feedback loops and monitoring mechanisms continuously improve the quality and transparency of AI-generated outputs.


“The CTI team brought technical leadership with attention to learning the language of the business while effectively engaging with the business teams to guide the solution – not a simple task given the ever-changing complexities of the business and distinctly different needs of our stakeholders.”

- Christopher Hutchins Corporate Director Business Intelligence Services, Finance Partners Healthcare

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