What We Do

We help retailers utilize advanced analytics to enter new markets, anticipate changing customer demands, and optimize purchasing, and product mixes in the global marketplace.

Our solutions are developed on our scalable Retail Analytics Framework that is the heart of our Customer Data Platform. We embed a unified, up-to-date 360-degree view of the customer to provide trusted, secure searchable information to users based on their role.

Automate Supply Chain Efficiency

Discover redundancies and identify winning strategies at the product, store, or brand level.

Provide forecasting and optimizations to reduce supply chain delays, optimize demand and capacity planning: automated route optimization and the tracking of retail goods through the supply chain.

Recommend Next Best Action

Predict customer intent more accurately. Use data science, predictive and prescriptive machine-learning algorithms to model personas and behaviors.

Find patterns in the way customers respond to different touchpoints and then determine which actions are most likely to lead to conversion.

Customer Journey Mapping

Use machine learning models to identify optimal customer experience.

Then, connect the customer journey with your customer engagement campaigns from digital acquisition, on-boarding, retention, growth, and loyalty to deliver the next best action, offer, and message on the right channel.


CTI has been a true partner. As thought leaders, they have expertly guided us through every phase of our project. In support of what has been our most strategic investment to date, CTI was able to quickly understand our business and determine how we could exploit analytics to improve our service.”

- Tom Caporaso, CEO Clarus Commerce


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