What We Do

CTI provides a modern data integration infrastructure that combines advanced hybrid data integration capabilities and centralized governance with flexible self-service business access for analytics. We combine high performance, reliability, and connectivity to deliver data management solutions that our clients rely on for mission-critical business processes.

Seamlessly Integrate Data from Old & New Worlds

Extend your data integration from existing on-premises systems to the cloud, big data, IoT systems, and new enterprise applications and databases swiftly, painlessly, and cost-effectively. Build it on a data integration system with high-performance processing and connectors to everything you need.

Reduce Complexity & Improve Business Agility

Implement a modern hybrid data integration hub architecture enables organizations to eliminate point-to-point integration, reduce complexity, and improve overall optimization while providing self-service access for distributed teams.

Improve Trust & Understanding of Data

Enable business users to find the most relevant and trusted data with governance and lineage through metadata. Increase business value by ensuring that all key initiatives and processes are fueled with relevant, timely, and trustworthy data.

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