What We Do

We implemet Higher Ed solutions that encompass the student lifecycle from applicant to alum. A 360-degree view of the student journey ensures accurate information and a mutual understanding across the university.

Our Higher Education Analytics Framework which is the basis of these automated solutions, is designed to provide trusted data for more informed decision-making and predictions.

Admissions and Enrollment

Analyze and model year-over-year incoming applicants through the admissions cycle. Attract the right candidates, maximize retention, and sustain strong relationships throughout the student lifecycle.

Assess demographic and performance data to predict whether a student will enroll, stay on track, or require resources and assistance to facilitate the completion of their degree.

Student Success

Use historical data to model and predict the likelihood a student will graduate as planned by tailoring advising services and personalizing learning to improve outcomes.

Identify students that will benefit from offers of peer mentoring, academic support, and the opportunity for learning through small affinity groups. As a result, improve overall student retention and graduation rates.

Advancement and Alumni Relations

Analyze alumni demographics and behavior such as interests and connections through continuous modeling into personas that shape engagement and messaging.

Uncover indirect connections across constituencies to foster relationships and affect commitment. Overlay the donor profile and persona to prescribe the most appropriate interactions to their situation.



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