What We Do

We provide one accurate view of all relevant healthcare data. Our Healthcare Data Platform  includes payers, providers, patients, plans, and details about relationships. Important data is captured with comprehensive, well-defined attributes to deliver trusted, secure information searchable by all stakeholders.

Improve Patient Outcomes and Cost Efficiencies

Identify physiological decline to proactively rally resources before an unplanned transfer to a higher level of care. Identify patients at high risk of readmission at discharge and develop an optimal multidisciplinary discharge care plan. Project staffing needs to optimize resource utilization, improve productivity, and patient safety.

Streamline the Revenue Cycle

Increase revenue and margins while reducing operational inefficiencies. Adapt to the financial impact of the growth in telemedicine. Use predictive models to monitor and learn from existing workflows, and quickly adapt to change. Proactively identify and address inconsistent information, then recommend or automate remediation.

Reduce Gaps in Care

Use predictive analytics to identify patients likely to skip an appointment without advanced notice. As a result, improve continuity of care, provider efficiency, reduce revenue losses, and allow organizations to offer open appointment slots to other waiting patients, thereby increasing timely access to care.

CTI healthcare data experts’ predictive data science models are revolutionizing the way we identify and proactively educate patients before cardiovascular disease impacts our patient community.”

- Dr. Azizi Seixas, NYU Langone Medical Center Department of Population Health


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