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What We Do

We apply powerful innovative advanced analytics and next generation data governance technologies for healthcare payers, providers and clinical researchers. We connect and transform complex sources of data into actionable information to support collaboration on new approaches in healthcare delivery to individual patients and populations. Our solutions help solve clinical and business problems in many domains ranging from Clinical Research to Population Health Management, and analytics to facilitate deep insight into patient care while supporting the transition to an accountable, value-based system and opens the door to more positive outcomes.

Intelligent Patient Data Platform

Our intelligent healthcare data platform harnesses the power of the volumes of information created throughout the continuum of patient care. Deliver trusted secure data and incorporate data science and machine learning to enable delivery of highest quality care and operating efficiencies.

Streamline the Revenue Cycle

Identify opportunities to increase revenue and margins and correct operational inefficiencies. Adapt to the financial impact of the growth in telemedicine and the decline of in-office visits. Automate the patient financial clearance and A/R workflow processes to improve cash flow.

Population Health

Track healthcare KPIs and compare them with population data to drive patient engagement and improve treatment protocols. Model disease trajectory considering clinical and social determinants of health to identify and accelerate engagement with high-risk patients and allocate resources.

Optimize Hospital Workflow

Predict staffing needs to optimize resource utilization, improve productivity, and patient safety. Use length of stay predictions to guide decisions that will improve utilization and throughput such as flexing beds to align with demand within care units and across the health system.

Reduce Preventable Readmissions

Determine the appropriate day for discharge by analyzing information residing in the EMR system. Identify high-risk patients before discharge to develop an optimal multidisciplinary post-discharge care plan. Minimize 30-day post-discharge readmissions and financial consequences.

Predict Clinical Deterioration

Identify physiological decline utilizing information regularly collected and stored in the EMR system. Highlight those in need of additional monitoring to proactively deliver increased resources prior to decompensation or the need to transfer the patient to a higher level of care.

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