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CTI uses automation and embedded ML/AI across the data lifecycle, including dynamic lineage, predictive data quality, augmented MDM. This approach enables IT to quickly deploy self-service trusted data for all workloads from real-time, web services, batch, and big data. In addition, the solutions use augmented intelligence to facilitate and automate critical tasks.

Automated Data Integration

Collect, transform, analyze, and visualize data from all of your sources, including cloud-based ERP, CRM, unstructured and semi-structured data anywhere your data assets live. By providing a robust integrated code-less environment, your teams can access and collaboratively share data across the enterprise at any scale.

Continuous Data Quality

Ensure that data delivers accurate analytics, improves customer experience, and streamlines data migration to the cloud or a data lake. Build trust in your data with your data consumers, boost adoption and business alignment while reducing the complexity and time spent managing the quality of your data.

Master Data Management

Deliver the promise of a single version of truth for data-driven digital transformation, providing trusted, accurate, complete data. Empower customer experience programs, marketing, and sales operations, omnichannel marketing, supply chain optimization, governance efforts, compliance initiatives, and more.


“The CTI team brought technical leadership with attention to learning the language of the business while effectively engaging with the business teams to guide the solution – not a simple task given the ever-changing complexities of the organization and distinctly different needs of our stakeholders.”

- Christopher Hutchins Corporate Director Business Intelligence Services, Finance Partners Healthcare

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