What We Do

We create predictive models for insurance analytics mapped to key performance indicators to make implementing behavior-based segmentation efficient, accurate, and precise. These analytics solutions examine past claims, as well as other records to determine future client expense leading to more informed pricing decisions and risk mitigation.

Financial and Operational Analytics

Monitor and analyze operational profit/loss through any number of financial metrics including staffing levels, transaction volumes, products sold, complaints, refunds, and error corrections. Ensure compliance with insurance industry regulatory requirements.

Portfolio Reporting and Analytics

Analyze products and services portfolio to existing and new customers. Gain deeper insight into portfolio risks, exposure, and overall profit margins. Maintain and monitor customer actions and life events that impact the purchase/sale of financial assets.

Risk and Fraud Analytics

Evaluate loss impact from internal risk exposure from employees, inadequate systems, or failed processes. Better understand, identify, and manage customer exposure levels through analysis of purchasing trends, account activity to identify mistakes, credit risks, and identify theft.

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