What We Do

We use our Insurance Analytics Framework to accelerate the implementaion of solutions to analyze large volumes of data to gain risk and opportunity insights, improve decision-making, and enhance operational efficiency for large insurance organizations.

Our data analytics solutions enable insurers to make timely informed decisions that improve operating performance, attract and retain customers, mitigate financial and compliance risks, and enhance customer experiences.

Financial and Operational Analytics

Monitor and analyze operational profit/loss through financial metrics, including staffing levels, transaction volumes, products sold, complaints, refunds, and error corrections.

Analyze and optimize workflows and claims management, identify claims trends, processing inefficiencies to reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Portfolio Reporting and Analytics

Analyze product portfolio effectiveness. Tailor products, pricing, and marketing strategies to improve customer retention, and enhance cross-selling.

Analyze performance, risk, and portfolio diversification. Maintain and monitor customer actions and life events that might impact the purchase/sale of financial assets.

Risk and Fraud Analytics

Manage risks associated with policyholder claims, catastrophic events, and economic fluctuations. Analyze claims data and conduct risk modeling to allocate appropriate reserves.

Better understand, identify, and manage customer exposure levels by analyzing purchasing trends, account activity to quickly identify errors, credit risks, and potential theft.


Adaptive in their approach, in many ways, they have mentored much of our internal staff, demonstrating a client-first methodology.”

-Todd Brown, VP, Software Development & Information Technology Financial Recovery Technologies


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