What We Do

We provide advanced analytics to bring insight and efficiency to every aspect of the value chain, from drug discovery, trials, manufacturing, marketing, and to help assure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Our solutions are built on our Life Sciences Analytics Framework, a modern scalable solution architecture. We deliver persistent, unified, up-to-date data from many sources to provide trusted, secure, searchable information to users based on their role.

Commercial Operations Analytics

Integrate and aggregate data from disparate sources and monitor strategic procurement intelligence. Track resource deployment, efficiency and performance. Optimize production capacity, materials management, and improve distribution processes.

Clinical Trials Analytics

Monitor and analyze clinical trials. Receive alerts when an active study has changed status; track competitor’s trials and act on competitive information; review current and historical data to make important decisions about drug development strategies.

Data Management for Compliance

Reduce the risk of non-compliance and audit, increase efficiencies, and address the key challenges of increased regulation. Implement intelligent data management for regulatory compliance and utilize governance to maintain control over all data assets.


Our medical implant business needed to integrate cloud sales data with on-premise financial & manufacturing data. This was critical to improving our forecasting alignment with manufacturing planning. CTI implemented the entire solution, including the cloud integration technology, BI platform, data integration processes, and analytics.”

- John Waswill Sr. Director, Global IT ConforMIS, Inc.


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