What We Do

We help you discover your data and determine what must be governed. We also ensure the appropriate business policies are associated with your data and determine the proper protection and security level for regulatory and compliance requirements.

Data Governance Strategy

Establish a foundation for enterprise-wide data governance, beginning with a use case, discovery process, and solution architecture. Then, we help you develop a strategy with a cross-functional team to define a data stewardship plan and create a high-level deployment plan.

Enterprise Data Catalogs

Maintain end-to-end lineage, profiling statistics, and relationship views of all your data assets. Our solutions intelligently scan and catalog your data across the organization using leading-edge tools and AI technology. Utilize enterprise-wide data discovery with simple search capabilities.

Data Privacy Compliance

Gain visibility across your enterprise data platforms to better understand risk exposure and enable compliance with privacy policies and laws. We automate the protection of personal and sensitive data, monitor data movement, analyze risk exposure, and guide problem remediation.



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