What We Do

We develop solutions for sales and marketing that provide advanced insights into key metrics such as customer acquisition cost; customer lifetime value to predict revenue potential and the true value of closed sales; pipeline analysis to manage balance new opportunities with those closing and maintain a healthy pipeline.

The CTI CustomerUniverse

Deploy a true customer intelligence platform. Increase revenue through more highly targeted personalization, deliver on decrease in operational costs with a complete 360-degree customer view. Meet regulation requirements now and into the future.

Sales Analytics

Improve targeting and uncover new cross-sell opportunities. Assess pipeline performance against plan and gaininsight into stage, history and aging. Drive average deal size by using predictive models to target high-revenue markets and prospects.

Customer Analytics

Use customer feedback, transaction history and behaviors to design loyalty programs and initiatives; improve customer experience through insights; identify causes, analyze and lower customer churn.

Customer Segmentation

Build comprehensive customer profiles by integrating data from various operational and marketing data sources. Identify and target unique customer segments and customize the message for each.

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