What We Do

CTI creates analytic solutions for corporate finance that enable real-time accurate and actionable insights across the enterprise. This includes the integration of both operational and financial data for high-level and granular visibility to reduce costs and risks while improving profitability and transparency that guides informed decisions to gain an advantage.

Financial & Operational Dashboards

Collect, monitor and analyze operational profit/loss through financial metrics including staffing levels, transaction volumes, products sold, complaints, refunds and error corrections. Comply with industry regulatory requirements.

Product & Service Portfolio Analytics

Evaluate products and services portfolio for profitability and true cost analysis. Gain deeper insight into product portfolio mix risks, exposure and overall profit margins. Monitor customer actions, buying trends, and life events that impact purchase/sale of financial assets.

Risk & Fraud Analytics

Evaluate potential loss impact from internal risk exposure from employees or failed processes. Better understand, identify and manage customer exposure levels through analysis of purchasing trends, account activity and events to identify mistakes, credits risks and possible identify theft.

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