What We Do

We create solutions for human resources to help organizations leverage workforce data to model and predict capabilities and to provide an optimal ROI on human capital. These insights are important in retaining key staff, improving overall employee performance, and assisting in accomplishing organizational goals and objectives.

Workforce Strategic Planning

Develop a strategic workforce plan, composition model, and insight into the impact of population aging. Identify key positions for succession planning. Assess headcount level, turnover trends, and projected turnover to forecast workforce capacity.

Manage Workforce Acquisition Costs

Gain deeper insights into the recruiting pipeline to manage recruitment costs and efficiencies. Identify the best recruiting sources, optimize the candidate pipeline, and analyze the cost to hire, predict, and prevent employee turnover.

Assure HR compliance

Monitor the demographics of candidate pools and of the existing workforce.  Reduce workplace accidents, see accident trends, assess safety and health risks of the workforce to develop and maintain a health and safety risk mitigation plan.


The CTI team brought technical leadership with attention to learning the language of the business while effectively engaging with the business teams to guide the solution – not a simple task given the ever-changing complexities of the business and distinctly different needs of our stakeholders.”

- Christopher Hutchins Corporate Director Business Intelligence Services, Finance, Partners Healthcare

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