Healthcare Compliance Through Effective Data Governance

Foundational Data Governance The US Office of the Inspector General offers resources for maintaining compliance in healthcare. Their documentation is comprehensive and easy to access. But these resources don’t have much impact if your organization can’t find the data needed for those audits. Similar complications are seen with medical researchers, who are provided with a

Governed Cloud-Based Healthcare Data Lakes

When it comes to the digital transformation of the Healthcare Industry, our partner Informatica is leading the way with the technology, solutions, and partners to successfully facilitate this change.  In this latest blog, Informatica’s Richard Kramer, Chief Healthcare Strategist at Informatica, explains our approach to data governance.  We believe in managing the movement of data

Well-Served Data Is A Must for Today’s Healthcare

Revenue Cycle Management,

Healthcare data entrepreneurs and practitioners are having lively discussions these days, calling for fresh and innovative approaches to better serve virtually every stakeholder in their healthcare ecosystem. What strikes me is that the healthcare “iron triangle” issues everybody is talking about – cost, quality, and care access – are not being adequately addressed to the

Modernizing Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

RCM Modernization

As the industry evolves, provider organizations will need to continue to adjust to attain revenue cycle excellence. A provider’s financial well-being is nearly always tied to the revenue cycle of the clinical practice. Higher-performing organizations have high levels of stakeholder engagement “up and down” the organization creating cascading scorecards that build toward common organizational goals.

The Revenue Cycle Management Modernization Process

Healthcare Data Ecosystem

From large-scale initiatives that bundle enhanced revenue cycle functions with overall organization performance, to new technology implementations, to effectively leveraging outside expertise, modernizing the revenue cycle involves more than taking a few steps and is more of a journey. Architecting a modernization process is best begun by developing and documenting process workflows and overlaying functional

A Technology Framework for Modernizing Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management,

A provider’s financial well-being is nearly always tied to the revenue cycle of the clinical practice. The commitment to measuring and monitoring performance is key for making process adjustments and setting appropriate goals. Technology integrated with practice management (PM) systems can accurately automate many RCM processes, which effectively increases cash flow, decreases staffing need, and

Defining the Revenue Cycle Process Flow

Healthcare revenue cycle flow

Successfully implementing an effective RCM strategy relies on developing a cohesive framework that is to be managed. For the purposes of this discussion, I’m defining the healthcare revenue cycle to include all administrative and clinical functions that contribute to the capture, management, and collection of patient service revenue. At a high level, the many steps

Creating a Healthcare Data Ecosystem – A Lesson from the Business World

Healthcare Data Ecosystem

CTI Healthcare blog series: A Prescription for Improving Patient and Institutional Financial Wellbeing Creating a Healthcare Data Ecosystem – A Lesson from the Business World – Part 4 of 5. The healthcare industry has been playing IT catch-up, as the IT paradigm is already changing.    Healthcare technology, by that I mean the IT that runs

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