You say Consultant like it’s a bad thing

Data & Analytics Consultants

As consultants, we get to see daily how data & analytics can deliver real business value. However, these game-changing innovations are not always apparent or pervasive to business leaders in organizations and industries that are early on in their analytics journey. As a result, the requirement definitions and desired outcomes from an analytics undertaking are

Forget Adoption, Forget ROI

Change management, Data and Analytics, user adoption, user acceptance

Congratulations! Your team just procured the latest innovative technology that’s really going to deliver exceptional outcomes.  You kick off the project, expectations are high and everyone’s excited.  12 months later, you’ve been live for 4 months and the outcomes are far from exceptional.  Your reputation took a big hit and you’ve left wondering how it

What Can Fundraisers Learn from Sales Data Science?

For the past few years we’ve worked closely with Higher Education Institutions on applying data analytics to optimize student admissions, financial aid, student retention and academic outcomes. We recognized from the onset that this student “lifecycle” has a straight progression to an alumni lifecycle which has a critical goal of fostering school loyalty and giving.

Machine Learning Marketing Attribution – Game Changer or Gimmick?

At CTI, we have been helping our clients harness the power of marketing analytics to grow revenues.  There is no shortage of customer centric data, but the real trick is the ability to bring all the data points together in a cohesive and useful manner this is actionable. It is truly a big data challenge

Graph Databases Not All Hype

At least that’s what I thought when I first starting hearing about graph database technology. I’m a business person, not a database expert.  Our business is simply stated, delivering high value insights for the enterprise through analytics.  So, when our CTO, Kurt Rosenfeld, explained to me what “what is possible” with graph databases I knew

Analytics for Higher-Ed: A World of Opportunities, But Beware

Higher education, student universe, student lifecycle

Student Life-cycle at HEDW Conference —   On April 23rd – 26th, CTI is once again sponsoring the Higher Education Data Warehouse conference. Last year at the conference we introduced the concept of the “Student Lifecycle” to drive recruitment, retention and success. The impact of analytics is driving improvements in University performance across a broad

A new IT Paradigm? Hardly – still the “I” before the “T”

From Data to Decisions — I’ve made my career in the world of enterprise computing and have lived through the barrage of marketing slogans that have accompanied decades of “paradigm” shifts. Do you recall the professed wisdom of these marketing mantras? HP told us “Invent”, but maybe we should first…. “Think” as IBM had suggested

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