How NOT to Make this Data & Analytics Project Your Last

One of the most important things to remember when undertaking an IT Data and Analytics Project is to avoid making it your last. IT projects are a crucial part of any business, as they help to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and increase productivity. However, these projects can also be complex and challenging, and it’s common

Enterprise Data Solutions – Unlocking the Riches and Avoiding the Glitches

Purpose of Data Solutions Data solutions are designed to empower organizations with transparency, standardization, and enhanced utilization of their collected data. At CTI Data, we focus on developing and implementing enterprise data solutions that yield substantial returns on investment by focusing early on the underlying characteristics of a successful platform and a strategic roadmap defining how

Is now the time for Cloud Analytics Modernization?

Most organizations are in the middle of a Cloud Modernization effort whether it has been formally planned or not. Often times it may not even be a formal objective, but there is no question the rise of the multi-tenant cloud-based solution to just about every area of the technology stack has launched companies into the

The Science of Business Problem Solving: How Data Insights Can Drive Innovation and Growth

Data science is a field that has gained tremendous momentum over the past few years. With the rise of big data and the increasing use of technology in business, data science has become essential for solving complex problems and making data-driven decisions. In this blog post, we’ll explore the role of data science in solving

Event Streaming – An Emerging Central Nervous System for Digital Companies

It’s Saturday morning in a typical suburban neighborhood when Marty’s new washing machine alerts her that her clothes are not fully dried, and her app, which claims to balance a myriad of daily tasks (events) using a simple smartphone, recommends cleaning her house exhaust system. Marty acts by cleaning it. The washing machine chimes in,

Why You Should Use Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services…

and not PowerCenter—for Your Modern, Cloud-Native Analytics Environment Digital transformation changes expectations: better service, faster delivery, with less cost. Businesses must transform to stay relevant, and data holds the answers. As popular as PowerCenter is, it is not optimized to meet modern cloud data integration requirements. An interim solution, such as re-pointing PowerCenter to the

MLOps and Why You Need It

With the first industrial revolution, optimizing and scaling processes became urgent. Since then, technology has gained the spotlight by increasing productivity, optimizing earnings, and helping companies make intelligent decisions. At the beginning of the 21st century, DevOps simplified the production lifecycle and added a new component, Big Data (Lwakatare et al., 2015). The enormous amounts

Democratizing Data Governance

data governance, data democratization

Analytics community governance is the concept that those who know the data most – those who create, analyze, and draw conclusions from the data – should be the ones creating governance policies around that data. Also known as bottom-up data governance, this practice ensures buy in from key stakeholders and end users while also creating

Swivel Chair Syndrome: The Impacts of Repetition

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In this 2-part series we will break down the physical damage that multiple redundant data entries can have on your workforce, and ways to mitigate these risks for a more accurate and resilient data foundation and human workforce. Repetition often manifests through ‘band-aid’ style fixes, leaving the data owners to sacrifice any combination of the

Innovation: The “Now“ Modern Healthcare Data Architecture

healthcare data architecture, healthcare analytics,

CTI Healthcare blog series: A Prescription for Improving Patient and Institutional Financial Wellbeing Innovation: The “Now“ Modern Healthcare Data Architecture  Part 5 of 5. The healthcare industry produces massive volumes of data every day—from claims and cost data to clinical trials, electronic medical records, and even online patient sentiments. on-the-fly. most professionals within the industry,

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