Informatica PowerCenter to IDMC Workflow Migration

Reduce operating costs and enable new functionality by migrating PowerCenter assets and workflows to IDMC. Sponsor must demonstrate business value quickly to assure continued investment in cloud migration. We deployed a modern cloud-based data integration platform: that provides a variety of features such as business data integration, application integration, and API management between cloud and

Informatica PowerCenter to IDMC Migration

Business-critical finance and accounting using a legacy on-premise data integration platform lacked the ability to integrate with modernized operational systems which created operating inefficiencies and business risk. We deployed a modern cloud-based data integration platform: that provides a variety of features such as business data integration, application integration, and API management between cloud and local

Enterprise Data Marketplace and Analytics Collaboration

Multi-national consulting firm struggling with enterprise duplication of data analytic investments across client project teams, with diverse and disjoint methods for collaborative data acquisition and analysis.   CTI provided a modern data architecture, searchable data shelves along with a data ecosystem and governed data lifecycle

Data Driven Customer Engagement in Investment Banking

A large global investment bank with a prodigious amount of customer data struggled to channel it into usable form for comprehensive insights. Moreover, their core platforms were not well suited for a modern omnichannel interactions and unlimited data. CTI created a centralized authoritative data repository, an expandable architecture and added advanced analytics and AI to

Advanced Analytics for Retirement Plan Participant Engagement

This global provider of retirement financial products HR and Plan Administrator needed a better way to assess employee engagement and effectiveness in retirement planning while performing peer-level bench marking to help with goal setting. CTI created investment planning dashboards to illustrate various retirement strategies and provided the ability to benchmark plan performance and participant behavior

Self-Service Risk Analytics for Insurance Claims

This National Property & Casualty Insurance company needed to modernize its claims management portal to better deliver self-service claims and analytics to a community of ten thousand independent agents. CTI created a new scalable architecture capable of flexible scaling to serve all agents and a redesigned data retrieval architecture, asynchronous claims processing capabilities and a

Improving Healthcare Ops With Data Stewardship

revenue cycle management, healthcare automation, healthcare

As this health system expanded, its purpose-based EHR,  data and analytical ecosystems lacked enterprise-wide accessibility to valuable data assets.  This was causing fragmented claims processes, compliance risk, and reactive population health practices. CTI provided a modern data stewardship framework that was automated with stakeholder collaboration

Service Delivery & Financial Optimization for Healthcare

A national veterinary health organization performing thousands of daily appointments had no visibility into staffing and patient workflow inefficiencies, and the related cost management opportunities to meet surging demand. We developed an analytics solution capable of providing intra-day visibility into service delivery processes, staffing, and related clinical outcomes

Data Lakehouse and Financial Analytics for Healthcare

Good foundation for data lakehouse

A national veterinary health organization needed better visibility to key business metrics and drivers to improve service delivery, efficiency and better keep pace with the growing demand for services.  We created a system that organizes the data for analysis yielding business insights on-demand.​

Automated Compliance for Pharma Marketing Engagement

A large pharmaceutical company need to better ensure that sales and marketing expenses adhered to regulatory policies, preventing inappropriate influencing of purchasing behavior. We worked with our client to leverage machine learning and AI automation to create an intelligent compliance automation process assessing 100% of engagements, identifying and applying predictive indicators and redirecting human inspection

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