What We Do

We develop large scale data structures and pipelines to organize, collect, and standardize data that helps generate insights and address reporting needs. Then collaborate with data science teams to integrate data from a variety of sources to build implement data models that transform data and integrate algorithms and models into automated processes.

Data Engineering

Improve the quality, consistency, and trustworthiness of your data assets. Develop and maintain a strong data management process that is designed with the needs of IT and business in mind

Enterprise Data Integration

Collect and combine fragmented data. Create accurate, consistent, trusted information. Leverage data assets across the enterprise. Drive better business decisions. Dramatically lower cost, boost agility, reduce risks, scale to meet business demands.

Big Data Architecture

Establish a framework to store and process data in volumes too large for a traditional database. Transform unstructured data for analysis and reporting. Capture, process, extract, and analyze unbounded streams of information from your data sets in real-time, or with low latency.

Data Warehouse

Collect, combine, transform, and store data from disparate systems that are searchable, standardized, and transformed into information for analytics. Automate data cleansing, organization, and management. Simplify business intelligence data delivery.

Data Lake

Store vast amounts of raw data in native formats. Enable innovation, establish a culture of data-driven insight. Eliminate silos, democratize data, support previously unavailable exploratory analysis, and data mining.

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