We help organizations build a strong data privacy program. We begin with a review of your gaps across data privacy regulations, recommend strategies to ensure compliance, and implement solutions using intelligent data management. Our solutions provide data access where and when it is needed without compromising privacy and protection.

Data Privacy

We develop policies and rules for accountability and transparency. Discover and classify sensitive data and map it to identities. Model and evaluate data risk across data stores, locations, and policies. Implement tools that automate data protection, incident response, and compliance and risk monitoring.

Data Compliance

Our approach is to engage the business, IT, and data security teams in governing data of all types across the enterprise to guarantee compliance. Ensure compliance through reasonable, achievable controls. Identify and evaluate data environments and address gaps in privacy and protection. Prioritize and assist with remediation.

Security Advisory Services

We provide guidance and oversight in the creation of an information security and risk management program. Our advisory services include directing security strategy, project priorities, recommending security policies and ensuring compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and contractual requirements.

Security Assessments

Our assessments explore a wide range of potential issues across multiple networks, systems, and other parts of your IT ecosystem, on-prem and cloud. We identify weaknesses that need correction, including misconfigurations and policy non-compliance vulnerabilities that patching and maintenance alone may not address.