The CTI Security Maturity Assessment

Our Security Maturity Assessment is a complimentary engagement that focuses on specific controls that protect critical assets, infrastructure, applications, and data by assessing your organization’s defensive posture. The assessment also emphasizes operational best practices for each control area, as well as the organizational effectiveness and maturity of internal policies and procedures.

The Security Maturity Assessment is comprised of three phases consisting of onsite interviews, remote phone or video interviews, and a detailed review of policy documentation and operational procedures. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive view of your security environment including:

  • A summary with an executive analysis and scorecard
  • A roadmap for your organization
  • Key tactical and strategic recommendations
  • Observations by the consultant(s)
  • Identified gaps and focus areas
  • A detailed report to help management

The assessment report addresses the highest impact and risk areas, and give your subject matter experts detailed information for implementation within your organization.

Security Maturity Assessment

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