What We Do

Our solutions address discovery, risk analysis, monitoring and alerting, and data protection for the broadest coverage of relational, big data, and cloud platforms with vendor-neutral, cross-platform support. Utilizing deep metadata management capabilities, our solutions give us the unique capability of discovering, detecting, protecting, and monitoring this type of information, at scale.

Data Security Intelligence

Ensure data privacy and protection across the enterprise, lowering risk associated with cloud modernization, big data, customer-centricity, and data governance initiatives. Identify suspicious behavior, unauthorized use, and violations of compliance regulations. Provide complete visibility into the access to and movement of personal, and sensitive information with data classification, discovery, and visualizations. Automate orchestration of data protection in the cloud, big data, files, and traditional data stores.

Data Masking

De-identify, de-sensitize, and anonymize sensitive data from unauthorized access for application users, business intelligence, application testing, and outsourcing. Through user role and location, apply dynamic data masking to accommodate data security and privacy policies that vary based on locations. Anonymize combinations of personal, health, or credit information to comply with complex cross-border privacy laws and regulations.

Data Archiving

Control data growth in production databases, retire legacy applications while managing retention, ensuring compliance, and access to business data. Accommodate highly regulated data that requires extra levels of protection and audit capabilities. Identify and ensure access to archive data is automatically logged for auditing and reporting purposes. Manage user access to sensitive fields with masking based on roles to prevent accidental or malicious data breaches.

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