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CTI offers Penetration Testing assessments to help our clients evaluate the external security perimeter and identify actionable solutions for strengthening the security infrastructure to reduce the possibility of an external hacker compromising information unknowingly. Our technicians use a mix of manual and automated testing techniques in an attempt to gain access to information without the knowledge or permission of your business. We focus on helping our clients avoid financial costs of remediation efforts, legal activities, lowered productivity and more by identifying and addressing risks before breaches occur.


Identify and exploit security risks through live-fire attacks against your internet-facing systems. Includes password hash cracking, exfiltration of protected data, and a comprehensive report.


Stage malicious insider attacks, crack all of the hashes in your domain and to transfer restricted data as a proof of concept. A comprehensive report details exactly how to recreate the attack and remediate security issues.

Web Application

Breach wireless network security controls and obtain access to systems, obtain user credentials or attempt to crack the key obtained from the wireless handshake.


Test REST, SOAP, or any other API standard to validate your security controls are working appropriately.


Test Android and iOS applications tested via privilege escalation, restricted data exfiltration, or performing restricted operations against the mobile server.


Request a Security Maturity Assessment

They are always collaborative in their interactions with our team and will continue to be a key resource and strategic partner when evaluating current and planning for the introduction of new technologies.

- Greg Nicastro, Executive VP, Product Development and SaaS Operations Veracode, Inc.

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