Insight to Optimize Student Success While Managing Uncertainty

Higher education is undergoing a monumental shift in teaching and learning as many courses, services, and operations move online.  As these changes occur, many higher educators are challenged to meet students, faculty, and staff needs.   More Institutions are relying on data-informed decision-making and analytics to monitor, measure, and inform every aspect of the current and future academics terms.   CTI provides analytic solutions that support a hybrid education model with a specific focus on safety and well-being, student support and success, and financial stability.

Our Higher Education Solutions Platform delivers data and advanced analytics dashboards across the student lifecycle to the institutional stakeholders. The platform supports the following capabilities:

Student Health and Well Being

Student health and safety are at the center of Institutional decisions regarding everything from campus openings to course delivery methods. Our Covid-19 safety solution helps students, faculty, and staff return to campus safely by tracking the testing, participation, and isolation of individuals that must be quarantined while determining readiness to return to campus.

Student Support

As Institutions deploy a range of teaching scenarios for the next several years, our analytics provide actionable insights on how to best support the variety of challenges students will face in the transition to hybrid and remote access, not only for learning but also for institutional services such as orientation, health services, emergency aid, housing and food, and financial services.

Student Success

As colleges and universities continue to define the structure of learning environments to enable quality instruction, our student success analytics better inform decision-making and planning for future academic terms tracking everything from student activity in online courses to equitable access to technology and internal services needed to succeed.



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