The CTI Intelligent Higher Ed Solutions Platform

Our Higher Education Solutions Platform addresses the complexities of harnessing the continuum of the student experience to synthesize a true lifecycle of their journey. This platform provides governed, trusted, and secure data.  It incorporates data science and machine learning to serve the need for deeper insights to improve student engagement providing the highest quality education and cost efficiencies.


360-degree View of Student Data

Deliver a complete 360-degree view of trusted data, including faculty and staff, student, vendor, and financial data to identify relationships and deliver business insights Deliver a more personalized experience. Master data, along with actionable insights, synthesize trusted and relevant business data for a complete view of any constituent and relationship including interactions, transactions, and IoT data.

Data for Next-Gen Analytics

Accelerate time to insights with data cataloging, data ingestion, data quality, and data preparation for all types of data. Use the power of your data to positively impact fundraising efforts, optimize facility planning, reduce the risk of course failures, and improve graduation rates. Drive innovation, agility, and process efficiency with intelligent cloud services to support any integration, any user, and any data.

Data Governance and Privacy

Drive strategic initiatives and support regulatory compliance with intelligent data governance and privacy management. Enable automation and scale to deliver governed, protected, and trusted data across the entire institution. Assure compliance with a wide range of data privacy regulations. Intelligently discover, identify, and protect sensitive information as well as ensure consent and ethical data processing.

Is your Institution ready for what's next?