Redefine Your Approach to Hybrid Learning and Student Success Using the Power of Analytics

CTI has created a unique way to manage student engagement by introducing enhanced analytical insights that will identify students at risk and keep them engaged.  We are integrating new indicators relevant to hybrid learning such as on-campus vs. on-line attendance, engagement, and grade monitoring.  Our solution focuses on three critical aspects of this new model:

Financial Stability: Optimize Admissions and Enrollment

As colleges and universities continue to address the COVID-19 crisis, it will be necessary to accurately monitor and assess enrollment data to navigate enrollment uncertainty, prepare for different admissions scenarios, and perform real-time analysis.

Our Fast Track Analytics solution helps to attract the optimal number of qualified applicants to ensure full enrollment and diversity while maximizing enrollment for the upcoming school year. We uncover data insights to better engage applicants early in the student lifecycle.

Student Experience: Assess Engagement and Increase Student Success Rates

The ability to monitor student engagement can be challenging, requiring input from multiple departments. It is important to identify at-risk indicators and then act to improve student engagement to yield an increase in student success rates.

CTI’s interactive, real-time visualizations help assess student activities, grades, and retention rates. We quickly identify at-risk students and provide insight into financial aid impact. We give you the ability to proactively provide academic support and monitor progress to reduce the likelihood of withdrawal.

Operational Efficiency: Balance Faculty, Student & Class Size

Balance on-campus, on-line, and hybrid course mix, faculty, and course offerings to maximize efficiency. Use analytics and dashboards to adapt to various scenarios and provide real-time operational impact analysis on faculty course loads, in person and remote student enrollment, and overall class size and capacity.

CTI helps to optimize the mix and scheduling of on-campus, on-line and hybrid classes. We analyze faculty ratios and identify who is over/under utilized. Our interactive dashboards enable real-time adjustment of class size, class schedule, and teaching assignments to improve financial efficiency.

CTI Student Lifecycle Solution Framework

Our higher education platform is an intelligent data management framework that addresses the complexities of the student lifecycle. We harness siloed data to enable data science and machine learning practices for deeper, more meaningful insights with rapid time to value.

We provide curated, real-time data that is protected yet available for analysis by those that need a comprehensive trusted data set. Analysts can engage in data exploration by using search techniques to identify trends, optimize enrollment, track progress to know when students are at risk while improving operational efficiency. We apply data science and machine learning to power advanced analytics and deeper insights into the student journey. This helps higher education leaders better understand how students interact throughout the lifecycle.

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