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Unleash the Power of Your Life Sciences Data
Harnessing the Potential of Life Sciences Data

In this blog, CTI Director of Marketing Lance Young-Ribeiro explores how modern data platforms and marketplaces help Life Sciences unlock the collective power of their data from regulatory records, patient outcomes, clinical trials, financial insights, and more.

Automating Machine Learning Operations
Automating Machine Learning Operations

In our latest White Paper, Founder and CEO Harry Kasparian dives into the challenges of production AI systems, the importance of MLOps, and how automation accelerates MLOps practices. He also outlines the benefits and considerations of implementing MLOps automation solutions.

Healthcare Compliance Through Effective Data Governance
Healthcare Compliance Through Effective Data Governance

Amanda Darcangelo explains how CTI empowers you to navigate the intricacies and establish a robust, long-term data governance program. This includes streamlining processes, enabling researchers to efficiently apply for grants and administrators to locate data for audits with ease.

6 Guiding Principles for Data Modernization

How we meet you where you are to take you where you want to go.

CTI Principal Consultant William Sharp reviews the approach and the fundamental principles we follow as guidelines to assist our clients with their digital transformations and data modernization.

Clinical Trials Recruitment
Enhancing Physician Engagement in Clinical Trials: A Data-Driven Approach

CTO, Kurt Rosenfeld's newest white paper focuses on a data-driven approach for pharmaceutical companies to better engage physicians in recruiting patients for drug trials.

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Our Approach

We collaborate with organizations to transform data assets into business value, engaging strategically, understanding goals and challenges, and delivering tailored data and analytics solutions.

Our experts leverage proven accelerators — methodologies, models, and technologies — to deliver scalable, agile solutions that drive efficiency and innovation.

We prioritize understanding your needs, collaboration, agile methodologies, and continuous value delivery.

Our philosophy is to think big, start small, and scale fast as together we unlock your data’s full potential.



We apply our data and analytics expertise to deliver tailored industry specific solutions, leveraging deep domain expertise to address unique challenges and drive business value.

Our solutions combine advanced analytics techniques, AI innovation and a thorough understanding of industry-specific business processes and your data landscape.


AI & Advanced Analytics

We empower organizations with advanced AI and analytics solutions, operationalized through robust, trusted data pipelines.

Our expertise spans the entire solution creation lifecycle, from data engineering and model development to seamless deployment and ongoing management, assuring tangible business value and intelligent decision-making.


Data Engineering

We provide tailored data engineering solutions to meet your business goals. Our experts create scalable data architectures, pipelines, and workflows for advanced analytics and data-driven decision-making.

We specialize in leveraging the modern data ecosystem and large-scale data environments providing reliable accessibility and empowering your teams to uncover insights and drive innovation.


Data Governance

Working collaboratively, we establish a robust modern data governance framework tailored to your specific needs, defining roles, responsibilities, and processes for effective data governance.

This approach yields a foundation to assure user adoption through comprehensive data governance practices, data cataloging, quality assurance, privacy protection and regulatory compliance.

“The CTI team brought technical leadership with attention to learning the language of the business while effectively engaging with the business teams to guide the solution – not a simple task given the ever-changing complexities of the business and distinctly different needs of our stakeholders.”

- Christopher Hutchins Corporate Director Business Intelligence Services, Finance

Outstanding Results for Top Organizations

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