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What CTI Can Do For You

CTI solves business problems. For 25 years, we have been providing strategic guidance, business and technology solutions for clients wishing to solve their most complex challenges involving advanced data analytics, governance and data protection. We create long-term relationships by delivering thoughtful recommendations, and innovative, high quality, and high value solutions. Your data is our passion.

Our Mission:

To create amazing outcomes for our clients, team members, and communities. This means delivering the best solutions that solve the most complex and interesting business challenges that our clients are facing.

Our Solutions

By Journey

We have developed intelligent insights using 360-degree views of industry specific enterprise data across all functional areas. These solutions provide a platform and framework that delivers the information you need to serve your customers with trusted data and analytics across the entire lifecycle.

By Industry

We understand that every industry faces distinct requirements and unique challenges in meeting their digital transformation goals. Working closely with our clients, we apply our domain expertise, business insights, and tailor solutions to exceed their expectations.

By Role

We help every organization harness the promise of digital transformation using intelligent data management and advanced analytics. Our solutions drive more informed decision-making by putting trusted real-time data and insights at the center of every organization.

Data Driven Analytics

Advanced Data Analytics

We develop long-term advanced analytics strategies and project plans then implement these solutions collaboratively with our clients. Starting with a plan and roadmap, we define the organization’s current state, strategic goals, then deliver business value and successful outcomes.

Data Governance

We develop long-term data governance strategies and roadmaps that are implemented collaboratively with our clients. Our solutions enable you to discover your data, understand what needs to be governed, and ensure the appropriate business policies are associated with it.

Data Protection

We help organizations build a strong data privacy program. For more than two decades, CTI has delivered proven data protection strategies and solutions. Our solutions go beyond just complying with all the new regulatory requirements which builds trust with consumers of the data.

Our Clients