What We Do

CTI’s provides IT solutions that are designed to bring immediate business value to your organization. We complement your existing technical staff with our broad industry knowledge and experience at a fraction of the time and cost it takes to hire full-time team members. Leverage our strategic viewpoint, experience, and vision for designing information technology strategies, infrastructures, and applications to meet your business goals.

Data Storage & Mangement

Simplify and manage valuable data assets, automate infrastructure provisioning, enable self-service, comply with regulatory demands. Leverage data as a highly distributed on-demand business asset. Implement data governance and strong multi-layered security, ensure proper data stewardship.


Seamlessly integrate data into the cloud, run workloads on-premises or in the cloud, deploy hybrid storage solutions. Incorporate automation and orchestration. take advantage of cloud elasticity and programmatic capabilities. Implement cloud security roadmaps with planning, and testing.

Data Protection

Deploy multiple layers of protection to manage sensitive data, ensure regulatory compliance. Use intelligence-driven information security solutions, prevent breaches, detect malicious activity, prioritize and respond rapidly to threats. Prevent unauthorized modifications and disclosures, implement strong encryption.

Big Data Solutions

Implement architectures for better data analytics, accelerate business insights and results, Build data lakes on a scalable platform, meet extreme enterprise requirements for Splunk, Hadoop, and NoSQL database workloads, realize 24/7 interrupted application access with zero disruption. Scale easily with compute and storage decoupled.

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