You already have the data, and CTI has revolutionized how to use your data assets to close gaps in care & improve quality.  Our solution integrates with your existing medical systems (and external data) to construct a patient and population risk profile for specific disease concerns.

The CTI approach upends struggling initiatives that attempt to organize data to deliver better patient management. The benefits are material. What if your clinical staff could easily find and use data to better:

• Identify non-compliant patients and better collaborate with your healthcare coordinators
• Identify and understand new gaps in population management
• Uncover and compare clinical variations between providers, hospitals and geographies
• Assess the risk and profitability of new value-based contracts
• Improve clinical pathways and protocols for better patient safety
• Evaluate social determinants of health for better patient outcomes

It’s been said that better harnessing healthcare data is one of the most promising therapies of our time! We’re making this real.

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