Welcome to the world of data, where its value is unmatched. However, businesses often find themselves facing a host of challenges in truly harnessing the power of their data. We’re talking about chaotic data access, the never-ending task of data wrangling, and scattered repositories that make it nearly impossible to utilize data efficiently while also posing security risks. On top of that, ensuring compliance and fostering cross-team collaboration feels like an uphill battle. But fear not, because in this blog post, we’ll dive into the concept of productizing data assets and access, highlighting the incredible value it brings in addressing these challenges and unlocking the true potential of data while keeping risks at bay.

Let’s start by introducing you to the Data Marketplace. Imagine a platform where you can search for data assets just like you search for items on Amazon. You can discover, evaluate, and acquire data assets securely, all in one centralized location. No more chaotic manual searches or provisioning nightmares. With a data marketplace, you can find curated, high-value data assets that suit your needs without the headache. We’ve got you covered when it comes to managing data assets too. We keep track of who has checked them out, when, and for what purpose. Users can acknowledge terms of use, licensing, or governance requirements, and we log all of this information in a central location, creating a comprehensive audit trail. Plus, you’ll find additional key information about the data, such as lineage, quality, definitions, and even community-based user ratings.

Now, let’s address a common frustration: data provisioning. Many organizations have successfully implemented data catalogs for discovering data assets, but the provisioning aspect has always been a pain point. You’ve probably experienced the all-too-familiar scenario where you finally found the data you needed, contacted the data owner, and then waited weeks, or even months, for access. We have a solution to save you from this time-consuming ordeal. We’ve automated the workflow for approval and provisioning of data. In cases where no approvals are required, we can grant access to the data assets within minutes of checkout through automation and orchestration. And if approvals are needed, we’ve got that covered too. Data owners can easily approve or deny data access requests, and once approved, access is granted again within minutes through our efficient automation process.

But wait, there’s more! We understand that having access to data is one thing, but doing so securely is another matter altogether. That’s where our Innovation Zone concept comes into play. It’s a secure location where you can perform data analysis, crunch numbers, engage in data science, and collaborate without worrying about compromising sensitive information. And when your hard work in the Innovation Zone yields new discoveries or data products that should be shared with others in the organization, the data operations team steps in to operationalize the data and make it available in the Marketplace for others to check out.

Of course, security is a top priority throughout this entire process. We pay special attention to identity management, ensuring that identities and corresponding actions are logged throughout the lifecycle of the data. By integrating with an Identity Provider (IdP), we enable Single Sign-On, enforce Multi-Factor Authentication, and centralize the management of group and role memberships. Sensitive data can be unmasked or decrypted for users who have a legitimate need to access it while remaining protected for everyone else.

In the realm of data security, productizing data assets and access through a data marketplace with automated data provisioning offers immense value. It addresses challenges related to data chaos, time-consuming data wrangling, redundant repositories, compliance enforcement, and even fosters innovation. With streamlined access and enhanced security, businesses can confidently make data-driven decisions, leading to growth and success in today’s challenging environment.

Rick Ross is a Lead Consultant in our Data and Analytics Practice.

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