Intelligent Compliance Automation

Our solution addresses the challenges associated with business compliance within Pharmaceutical organizations to ensure that sales and marketing activities meet codes of conduct and regulatory laws.  Our objective is to avoid staff inappropriately motivating or influencing purchasing behavior or misappropriating funds to be used for some alternative purpose.  By implementing our intelligent compliance automation process, you can assess 100% of engagements across all points in the process and redirect human inspection to focus as a “double-check” on the risky targets and reduce effort on the low-risk targets.  The result is significantly enhanced coverage of compliance audits and therefore reduced risks and more cost-effective application of human review.

Reduce Time Spent on Repetitive Tasks

Decrease resource strain by automation of repetitive tasks. Allow Compliance Officers to focus more on solving problems directly with the business. Increase the current engagement review threshold to allot more time to be sent on more strategic issues.

Improve Compliance Accuracy

Achieve 100% Compliance review of all Key Controls by ensuring all engagements are processed by the system with the same logic and rules that Compliance Officers use. Engagements requiring an extra level of attention are flagged for Compliance review.

Reduce Risk and Rationalize Cost

Identify engagements that might be duplicative, alerting the submitter/owner of a similar engagement and requiring the employee to take action. Similarity matching is based on the engagement characteristics, including defined purpose, type of stakeholder, and expected outcomes.

Improve Quality and Drive Better Decisions

On-the-spot-guidance for employees working through an external stakeholder engagement by flagging, in real-time when they are working to submit an engagement type that doesn’t align to their defined purpose and expected outcome.


The CTI team brought technical leadership with attention to learning the language of the business while effectively engaging with the business teams to guide the solution – not a simple task given the ever-changing complexities of the business and distinctly different needs of our stakeholders.

- Christopher Hutchins Corporate Director Business Intelligence Services, MGH Brigham


Compliance automation can help your organization

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