What We Do

CTI helps our clients harness the potential and the power of AI and machine learning to automate the most challenging data governance tasks such as finding data, measuring its quality, and finding the right people to govern it. We ensure that your data stewards have access to trusted data with the ability to act on it and implement governance processes.

Data Stewardship

Automate governance and stewardship tasks, define ownership structures, and establish workflows to involve the right people in data decision making. Help your data stewards protect sensitive data by creating the processes and policies for its use. Establish an organizational structure that includes escalation hierarchies, ownership context, and responsibilities

Data Profiling

Provide an intelligent, flexible classification of data that helps your users govern, prepare, integrate and analyze data quickly. Classify and understand the contents of each data set, identify outliers to facilitate data preparation, and automatically apply appropriate policies to keep sensitive data safe.

Data Lineage

Interactively trace data origin through lineage views and perform a detailed impact analysis on upstream and downstream data assets to get complete tracking of data movement and detailed impact analysis. Utilize data lineage views to provide visibility and simplify the ability to trace errors back to the root cause.

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