At CTI, we have been helping our customers migrate their PowerCenter environments for years. We have developed several new offerings to drive early success at an attractive price point as you launch your journey.

Our jumpstart offerings for IDMC Modernization are summarized below. Please let us know which offering you’d like to explore further, and we will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your project.

Value Confirmation (6-8 weeks) – Starts at $50k.

  • Prove out the conversion tools and process in your environment with your assets.
  • Convert 150-200 assets to IDMC and execute them in a test environment with test data.
  • High-level ROI/Cost assessment provided based on actual conversion results.
  • Demonstrate success internally to stakeholders that can be extrapolated to the complete conversion journey.

Scale the Success (10-12 weeks) – Starts at $100k.

  • Begin the conversion journey by planning for the architecture and conversion roadmap.
  • Select 400-800 initial stage 1 assets to convert to production ready in IDMC.
  • Customer IDMC trained/skilled resources included in the team to learn from the process and take over later stages independently.
  • Deliver end-to-end conversion success on the first stage in 3 months while developing customer talent to take on more effort in future stages.
Which Offering are You Interested In?

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