What We Do

We apply powerful data management and analytic technologies to healthcare analytics. We transform vast amounts of data into compelling information so that innovators can uncover, experiment, and collaborate on new approaches to people and population healthcare. Our solutions focus on Clinical Research and Population Health Management, and we provide the kind of analytics that facilitate deep insight into patient care while supporting the transition to a value-based system that opens the door to more positive outcomes.

Population Health

Use population analytics to inform care protocol, improve quality and reduce the overall cost of care. Identify clinical patterns in different population groups. and manage risk. Support care providers with evidence-based interventions, clinical decision support, and targeted training for better outcomes.

Patient Outcomes

Evaluate the performance and effectiveness of health care practitioners at the point of delivery. Analyze detailed information to help to reduce unnecessary care and cuts costs. Assess the models that best address the quality and cost variations within specific markets and provider bases.

Value-based Care

Navigate the transition from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement. Identify and launch value-based payment initiatives. Assess models that best address the quality and cost variations within specific markets and providers.

Individualized Care

Improve acquisition, integration, and analysis of existing sources of data. Obtain more accurate measures of an individual’s health and disease status. Facilitate better communication with patients and clinicians. Provide accurate and timely information to ensure health decisions are informed by scientific evidence


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They are always collaborative in their interactions with our team and will continue to be a key resource and strategic partner when evaluating current and planning for the introduction of new technologies.

- John Doe, Umass Amherst

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