COVID-19 Fast Track Analytics

Healthcare Providers – Quickly adapt to rapidly changing patient population, optimize care plans and predict resource demands.

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Redefine the Way Your Care Delivery System Works, Unlock Capacity, and Adapt to Rapidly Changing Conditions.

CTI provides a fast-track demand prediction dashboard quickly working alongside your EHR and your other healthcare data to predict and plan projected demands on your system.  Armed with this real-time view into anticipated demand, providers can quickly adapt and manage care resources and deliver improved quality of care in conjunction with more efficient management of care delivery and precious hospital resources.  Best of all, our fast-track solution is delivered in a “managed application” model quickly deployed with minimal burden on busy IT organizations.

Utilize Projected Level-of-Care Needs to Manage Critical Resources

Manage the supply chain, equipment, and resources critical to efficient patient flow by examining a system-wide view of dynamic patient population needs. Risk stratification of low-risk, high-risk, and rising-risk populations can play a key role as healthcare organizations care for unpredictable, critically ill patients to identify the right patient populations and deliver the right care at the right time. Identify and predict issues by stratifying patient risk in the system and use the insight to prioritize clinical workflow, reduce system waste, and create efficient care management.

Our dashboard allows anyone within the organization to identify and efficiently manage patient groups based on pre-defined, yet easy to customize,

Guide Resource Allocation by Unit Using Predicted LOS

Hospital patient flow challenges are not a single department problem but a problem that affects the entire health system. Guide unit resource allocation across the system based on census, diagnosis, predicted LOS, and the associated demand for select services. Make data-driven decisions about the capacity allocation of inpatient beds and optimize utilization to prevent overcrowding in the ED, reduce inpatient admission wait times, and improve staff schedules to match demand.

We believe that to effectively improve hospital patient flow, it is imperative for operational and clinical leaders to be involved to add valuable perspectives by suggesting new variables to consider in the predictive models. Get timely visualizations of projected availability, by analyzing patient and bed status, planned discharges, transfers, and incoming patients. Automate alerts and eliminate report fatigue based on customizable triggers to notify operational and clinical leaders as to predicted census level issues.

Predict Staff Demand and Skill Needs

Dynamically adapt and balance staffing level plans by unit and skill category. Predict skill level and staffing needs by analyzing data from patient flow, workforce, and bed management systems. Better manage dynamic demands to meet patient care standards and adapt to the needs of crisis-peak care environments to improve patient care, eliminate staff burn-out, and improve patient flow.

Use our dashboards to evaluate current and projected workloads, and more efficiently assign critical staff and resources. Gain real-time insight into constraints and demand patterns, then make changes that align with demand and reduce delays in care delivery. Enhance the predictive model by analyzing trends and identifying patterns in your patient flow, then make changes to accommodate those trends and address inefficiencies.

CTI Healthcare Analytics Solution Framework

Our intelligent healthcare data platform is a modern master data management solution that addresses the complexities of harnessing the continuum of patient care to synthesize a true lifecycle of their journey. Our data platform provides trusted secure data and incorporates data science and machine learning to serve the need for deeper insights to improve patient engagement providing the highest quality care and cost efficiencies.

We provide curated, real-time data that is protected yet available for analysis by those that need a comprehensive trusted data set. Analysts can engage in data exploration by using google-like search techniques to identify trends, standardize patient episodes, track progress to know when patients need help and, are cost risks, all while providing a better quality of care. We apply data science and machine learning to power advanced analytics and deeper insights into the patient journey. This helps healthcare leaders better understand how patients interact throughout the continuum of care.

RCM Modernization

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