What We Do

We utilize a flexible framework that leverages data models to manage and optimize the student experience​, enhance progress to degree and analyze the behaviors of alumni donors and develop campaigns to affect behavioral changes and increase donor contributions. ​

The CTI StudentUniverse

The CTI StudentUniverse analytic solution offers a comprehensive 360-degree view of the student experience from Admissions and Financial Aid to Progress to Degree and Alumni Engagement. It is an intelligent data platform that serves as the basis for analytics that helps institutions improve student outcomes, realize greater retention and graduation rates, stay compliant with accreditation agencies and with the federal government.

Admissions and Enrollment

Analyze and model year over year incoming applicants and students through the admissions cycle. Analyze demographic and performance data to predict whether a student will enroll at an institution, stay on track in their courses or require support so they don’t fall behind. Attract the right students, maximize retention and sustain strong relationships throughout the student lifecycle.

Student Success

Use historical data to help model and predict the likelihood a student will graduate as planned by tailoring advising services and personalizing learning to help improve student outcomes. Improve retention by identifying students that would benefit from additional assistance such as offers of peer mentoring, academic support and the opportunity for learning through small affinity groups.

Institutional Analytics

Get real-time insights as to staff, student and the institution’s financial wellbeing. Create personalized tuition for students which in turn increased student retention and therefore increased revenue. Analyze information regarding facilities that are highly used and those that are redundant to better allocate resources. Explore and model ways to improve financial performance.

Advancement and Alumni Relations

Analyze alumni demographics and behavior such as interests, connections, organized through continuous modeling into personas that shape engagement and messaging. Uncover indirect connections across constituencies that will foster relationships and affect commitment. Overlay the donor profile and persona to prescribe the interactions most appropriate to their situation – their best path to enhanced engagement.

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