What We Do

CTI provides high-performance data warehouse architectures on-premises, in the cloud and as a combination of the two. By design, our data warehouse solutions are highly scalable and flexible with future add-on capacity, We work with our clients to design and implement a data warehouse foundation that supports their BI strategy and delivers the information business users rely on for data-informed decision making.

Provide Subject-Oriented Data

Organize data around key subject areas, business processes, domains and measurements.

Aggregate Enterprise Data Sources

Integrate disparate enterprise data sources in a trusted, single source of truth for analytics and business consumption

Ensure Data Consistency

Deliver time-variant and nonvolatile, enterprise data representing both current, “As-Is” and historical, “As-Was” view of the business.

Provide Efficient Data Access

Store data using an architecture that is optimized for speed, querying, and answering business questions in real-time.


Request a Data Maturity Assessment

Our medical implant business needed to integrate cloud sales data with on-premise financial & manufacturing data. This was critical to improving our forecasting alignment with manufacturing planning. CTI implemented the entire solution including the cloud integration technology, BI platform, data integration processes, and analytics.

- John Waswill Senior Director, Global IT ConforMIS, Inc.

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