Data Warehouse Modernization is a strategic step in transforming your legacy systems into a modern agile, scalable platform for today’s digital-first world.

CTI partners with Confluent to deliver a proven platform that enables data streaming across hybrid and multi-cloud environments to your cloud data warehouse of choice, empowering real-time analysis while reducing TCO and time-to-value:

  • Reduce TCO – by leveraging the familiarity and existing footprint of Apache Kafka.
  • Scale Your Event Streaming and Processing – with high throughput, low-latency data processing.
  • Connect to any Warehouse – or app, or data source with pre-built, expert-certified connectors.

Request a complimentary discovery meeting to assess your data warehouse modernization project. We will explore and identify those data sources that would immediately benefit from being connected via Confluent to the cloud

We will get back to you within 24 hours to schedule a date and time to meet.

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