What We Do

We provide comprehensive assessments of an organization’s data and analytic needs and then create a strategic vision that aligns with broader corporate goals, objectives, and capabilities. This includes a data-driven transformation roadmap with a focus on adoption and maturity that scales with growth.

Analytics Roadmaps

Develop rankings of each opportunity relative to cost, ROI, and ability to execute to help identify low-cost, high-return projects. Get insight into current analytical maturity and how the role of data could be expanded to deliver greater value.

Information Strategy & Roadmaps

Realize the true potential of your data by first determining why you’re using it and what business value you hope to glean from it. Our use case-based approach lets you gain buy-in from key stakeholders more easily and ultimately see faster returns.

Data Asset Modernization

Move data from legacy databases to modern databases that benefit from using unstructured data such as images, audio, social media comments clinical notes in healthcare and so on. Deliver new flexibility across applications, enterprise warehouses, and data marts, warehouse appliances, and Hadoop or NoSQL repositories.

Analytics Strategy

Create a plan for using analytics to improve organizational decision-making. Develop strategies for growing capabilities company wide. Deploy plans for short and long-term analytics opportunities, prioritized based on feasibility and return on investment.

Cloud Strategy

Develop a cloud operating model to serve as a foundation for both the development of new applications in the cloud and the migration of existing workloads. Analyze your application portfolio to identify applications most suitable for migration rapidly and iteratively.

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