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CTI provides data lake solutions that complement our client’s existing investments in traditional data warehouse technology. By leveling-up to modern data architectures, our clients are able to store vast amounts of raw data in native formats, including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, and then define the structure and requirements when the data is actually needed. This empowers business analysts with the ability to prepare and explore diverse, complex data in a self-service manner that is well-governed and secure, resulting in faster insights and better decisions.

Physical Storage Design

Implement a strong physical storage foundation with exceptional scalability with no fixed arbitrary capacity limits and high durability. Store all types of data in a single repository. Apply schema upon read, as needed for each consumption purpose. Decouple storage from computing for independent scaling of each.

File Format Choices

Control how data is stored, determine an array of elements such as file size, type of storage, the degree of compression, schemas and block sizes. Create multiple copies of the same data set with different underlying storage structures and file formats.

Security Design

Design, deploy and manage data lake security with an overall security framework, infrastructure, and controls. Implement Encryption, Network Level, and Access Control Security.

Data Governance

Establish a centralized view of data governance that encompasses the deployment of a data lake. Establish a minimum set of controls, Determine business processes that determine key metadata required. Enforce meta-data definitions and capture. Establish data quality requirements.

Metadata Cataloging & Search

Incorporate a metadata storage strategy to enable the business users to be able to search, locate and learn about the datasets that are available in the lake. Design automatic metadata creation extracted from source materials. Implement cloud-native automation frameworks to capture, store and access metadata within your data lake


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Our medical implant business needed to integrate cloud sales data with on-premise financial & manufacturing data. This was critical to improving our forecasting alignment with manufacturing planning. CTI implemented the entire solution including the cloud integration technology, BI platform, data integration processes, and analytics.

- John Waswill Senior Director, Global IT ConforMIS, Inc.

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