Higher Education faces many challenges in the switch to remote learning, and to help you navigate these issues, CTI has packaged a Student Success “Fast Track” Analytics Framework which is designed to help maximize student success. 

Request a virtual session with one of our higher education experts to learn more about how to quickly leverage your data to increase enrollment and student engagement.   The interactive virtual meeting will help you:  

Identify Priorities

  • Formulate an action plan such as optimizing admissions&enrollment, quickly adapting online hybrid programs, and increasing student success rates.

Establish an Approach

  • Automate timely, pertinent data discovery and integration with our Higher Education framework, and data models.
  • Apply advanced analytics techniques to quickly identify at-risk students and predict student success.
  • Enable real-time operational impact analysis to maximize efficiency and optimize faculty assignment and class size.
  • Recommend security policies to support and secure remote work and learning.

Create an Action Plan

  • Jointly develop a recommended “Fast Track Planto accelerate insights that will drive student engagement and actions.
  • Deliver on Action Plan as a blueprint for success.

CTI Student Success Fast Track Action Plan

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