Data-informed proactive patient surveillance, disease containment strategies and care operations efficiency can enhance COVID-19 detection, reduce transmission and help manage capacity and supplies to limit risk of system-overload and improve patient, caregiver and community outcomes.  CTI has defined data driven solution model healthcare frameworks that can be adapted in weeks to help providers better respond to the pandemic.

Identify Priorities

  • Virtually meet with our Data & Analytics Healthcare Experts to formulate an action plan specific to your challenges such as COVID-19 detection, staff shortages, limited supplies, telehealth.

Establish an Approach

  • Automate data discovery and integration with our Fast Track Healthcare Analytics Accelerator.
  • Apply advanced analytics for timely impact analysis, forecasting and scenario planning.

Create an Action Plan

  • Jointly develop a recommended “Fast Track Plan” based on insights and information gained.
  • Identify opportunities to apply advanced analytics.
  • Deliver an Action Plan to address the identified challenges.

CTI COVID-19 Analytics Action Plan

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