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Our approach to data governance is simple and effective.  We start with the four fundamental and most effective components of a data governance journey: data responsibility, integrity, availability, and protection. We think “big picture” while starting with highly targeted “quick wins” that provide trusted, quality data for a few initial use cases.  This allows you to quickly achieve results while building the expertise, accountability, and foundations necessary to scale.

We help you discover your data with a clear understanding of what needs to be governed. We also ensure the appropriate business policies are associated with your data and determine the appropriate level of data protection and security for regulatory and compliance requirements.

Data Governance Roadmaps

Establish a solid foundation for holistic enterprise-wide data governance beginning with a business use case, discovery process and solution architecture. Follow this with a strategy development process involving a cross-functional community within your organization which defines a business and technical understanding and stewardship plan for your data assets. Create a high-level deployment plan to guide longer-term planning.

Intelligence Data Management

Ensure that your teams are working across lines of business or IT can easily deploy data quality for all workloads from real-time, web services, batch, and big data. Use AI to enable intelligent recommendations and assessments so your team members can use data quality insights to automate critical tasks such as data discovery.

Intelligent Data Governance

Harness the power of AI and machine learning to automate your most challenging data governance tasks such as finding data, measuring its quality, and finding the right people to govern it. Give data stewards access to trusted data with the ability to act on it and implement governance processes.

Smart Data Catalogs

Utilize the power of AI and a discovery engine to scan and catalog your data across the organization, indexed for enterprise-wide discovery using simple Google-like search capabilities. Deliver maps that provide end-to-end lineage, profiling statistics, and relationship views that give you a clear and complete picture of all data assets.

Data Privacy and Protection

Address discovery, risk analysis, monitoring and alerting, and data protection for the broadest coverage of relational, big data, and cloud platforms with vendor-neutral, cross-platform support. Utilize deep metadata management capabilities, implement solutions that are uniquely positioned and capable of discovering, detecting, protecting, and monitoring information, at scale.

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