What We Do

CTI’s cloud solutions help our clients realize immediate benefits from the Cloud with a focus on improving efficiency and cutting cost. We design strong cloud architectures that take into considerations how they differ from on-premise solutions to leverage the maximum value of the Cloud. Our implementations incorporate Automation and Orchestration to take advantage of cloud elasticity and other programmatic capabilities complemented by strong security.

Cloud Architecture Design

Design and deploy a flexible cloud architecture with solution options. Conduct a business process review, provide detailed requirements definition. Identify and cloud providers and solutions, conduct solution gap analysis based on requirements.

Cloud Security

Assess security and risk tolerance, design a comprehensive strategy and architecture to support organizational goals. Implement Identify and access management. Design, develop and deploy secure cloud-based applications. Determine the right data protection measures to enable growth.

Cloud Automation & Orchestration

Automate manual processes and consolidate disparate tool sets. Accelerate approval and build processes across heterogeneous environments. Quickly generate audit trails for patching, security policies, device access, and change management compliance.

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