By Industry

We understand that each industry has distinct needs and requirements. We appreciate the unique challenges you face and value the importance of staying on top of your competition, market demands and regulations. We work hard to apply our domain knowledge, business insights and expertise to deliver solutions to exceed your expectations.

Financial Services

Understand exposure concentration and risk. Improve trade operations and reconciliation processes. Leverage the power of a 360-degree analytical view of your clients to understand concentration and risk better, improve trade operations and reconciliation, accelerate decisions, and meet regulatory requirements.


Transform vast amounts of healthcare data into meaningful and actionable insights. Go beyond a transaction-centric focus to a patient-centric for improved outcomes. Enable a data-driven transition to value-based healthcare.

Higher Education

Improve enrollment, retention, faculty planning, financial aid and ultimately the characteristics of your student population. Enhance development campaign fund-raising performance and foster long-term alumni loyalty.


Manage and forecast agent sales and underwriting activity. Understand claims and product metrics that impact customer satisfaction and back-office performance. Flag suspicious claim and underwriting behavior.

Life Sciences

Optimize development, regulatory & safety protocols for faster enrollment and to reduce trial costs. Improve end-to-end supply chain planning and quality monitoring. Provide a single view of the customer for better insight into all healthcare provider interactions.


Enter strategic new markets, anticipate changing customer demands, boost supply chain efficiency, optimize purchasing and product mixes, align the right mix of products and services by channel and location to retain the most profitable customer relationships.

By Role

We harness the transformative power of information through advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning to deliver a "single version of the truth" across your organization. This drives better more informed decisions, reveals new opportunities and accelerates your digital transformation.

Corporate Finance

Get continuous visibility into P&L performance and business risk. Make your insights accessible to P&L managers to drive accountability and action.

Human Resources

Get critical insight into employee performance, advancement, recruitment, retention, compensation, skills, diversity, and demographics


Highlight operational quality, expose waste, inefficiencies, and dependency risks to spotlight the necessary improvements. Better manage all aspects of the supply chain more effectively and with greater visibility.

Sales & Marketing

Identify best target prospects, interpret pipeline health and recommend next steps to accelerate sales cycles. Gain insights to drive sales and improve revenues through acquisition, growth, and retention.

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